Social Media is more than just broadcasting;
it's about engagement...


We've been involved in a range of projects to help build/manage communities. The results tend to be incremental but communities generally have a far higher monetary value than just lots of fans/followers.  Moreover, communities are more loyal and are willing to spend a lot more on the business as well as assist in word of mouth advertising (i.e. tell their networks about you) both in the shorter and longer term.



Social Media Setup (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, and others relevant to your business)

  • Design and set up of accounts

Social Media Management

  • Sourcing content for accounts (posting)
    • Specific and researched posts for your accounts to increase fan/follower base, engagement & traffic to your website

Social Media Campaigns

  • Build up excitement and awareness by hosting competitions, giveaways, discounts and other creative ways to boost engagement.

Social Media reporting and analysis

  • Need to collect data to make decisions about how to optimize marketing efforts on an ongoing basis. Mining through data from Website (i.e. Google Analytics), URL trackers (i.e. and Facebook statistics.

Social Media Advertising/ Ad campaigns

  • Targeted advertising on social network


  • Social Media groups & forums to engage
    • Places your target market and key influencers hang out online to discuss and share things. You need to also hang out here to better understand them and contribute to generate traffic to site.